What is Technoir?

We are an independent company that produces live sessions and music videos.

Our goal is to make live sessions that blur the line with music videos.

Founded with a shared love of movies, cinematography and diverse music. We quickly grew to have a strong vision, for both our sound and look. 

Every session must be a genuine live performance, no cheating, just music presented in the most genuine and exciting way possible.

We want every single track to sound like it was taken directly from an album. All of our sessions are professionally mixed and mastered to achieve the best possible quality.

We want our work to feel cinematic and immersive, but always real.

Every performance is exactly as it happened, on the day.

As a band, think about recording with us as a live e.p. After the session is completed, you get to keep the master audio, to release as you wish. A unique recording alternative! 

As a viewer, we aim to have our sound and creative choices compliment the music that you love. We'll keep making them as long as you keep enjoying them.

Thank you for watching and participating! 

-John, Sam and Will